Transparency Declaration
in details reported every Partner’s effort & who are this wonderful team of Volunteers
Social responsible
every detail planned & immplemented with contribution to SDG2030

Non - commercial
every event is organized with good will of partners & is free for ChangeMakers

Pro Buono Experts

every expert is donating time & experience


donating their talent & time & skills


donating their resouces & products or financial support



The lead Organiser which is European Social Entrepreneurship and Innovative studies Institute together with Kaunas University of Technology and Entreprise Lithuania affirm that ChangeMakers’ON is non-commercial, social responsible and transparent social start-up event.


C’MON is organized with the help of partners and volunteers good will and everyone’s input which is declared to the public.


With this section we want to demonstrate that ChangeMakers’ON is the event organized with the idea “If you want some changes to be done, start to make changes and engage others”.


If you are curious how to organize ChangeMakers’ON without any budget planned or promised in advance, here you can find every detail.

– What is every Partner’s effort
– Who are this wonderful team of Volunteers donating their talent and time

THANK YOU Dear Partners for being together.