What is ChangeMakers‘ON programabout

Nowadays is more than popular to speak about global change, social impact, social innovations and a lot of different social things leading us to social entrepreneurship. But… the biggest challenge is – HOW to make this “social good” PROFITABLE and how to build the SUSTAINABLE business model at the same time creating the significant IMPACT? Too many tasks… be INNOVATIVE, be SOCIAL, be RESPONSIBLE, be… be….

C’MON (ChangeMakers’ON) is the 1st International Social innovation and Entrepreneurship program full of hackathons – boost camps – incubator – trainings, which is made with passion, love and good will of experienced partners.

Technology and innovation are crucially important and growing aspects of the social impact sector. C’MON wants to encourage all of us – makers, engineers, do-gooders, executives, computer scientists, inventors, innovators – are making things that are not just nice to have, but that people need. C’MON wants to join people identifying, prototyping, and scaling technologies and practices making the World Better Place to Live.

It was created to empower all innovators to create social good based on innovations. ChangeMakers’ON doesn’t like small talks and ideas “on the paper”. ChangeMakers’ON was born to have a REAL RESULT in your hands.

Bring (IN) your social innovation – Enjoy YOUR time working hard

Bring (OUT) your social business – BECOME social entrepreneur

#1 commitment
This is the most important part: we‘re going to build a social profitable business model together with you and shake up the world a bit.
#2 commitment
Speaking about human resources, our mentors are the best at what they do. You can ask them anything, they are that good (please don‘t steal them).
#3 commitment
You are not alone in this! We‘re here to work with you together so we all not only feel good but also do good.
#4 commitment
Rome wasn‘t built in a day. That means that even our expert mentors had failures in their lives. We‘re going to share with you our success & failures.
Foster Social Innovations
#1 impact
Facilitate inclusive, shared growth
#2 impact
Reduce emigration
#4 impact
Strengthen sustainable business environment
#3 impact
Contribute to the creation of new businesses
#5 impact
Contribute to the creation of new jobs
#6 impact
C'MON experts are EXPERIENCED at
Social Innovations
Business Development
Product Development
Global Impact & Transparency
Sustainable Development
Marketing & Communication
Finance Management
Law & Regultions
IT & Engineering
Is it 4 You? Everything you MUST know

You WANT to live in the better World

You ARE ABLE to recognise global challenges and problems we are facing to

You HAVE “burning” eyes for to make a real impact for the society

You WANT to solve social problems

You BELIEVE – that all together we can make a change

You WANT to become a social entrepreneur

You WANT to create and innovate

You WANT to have a lot of fun while creating something good for the society

You WANT to go 4 it & are able not to quit while the problem is not solved

You SPEAK English

You have and IDEA or

You don’t have an idea – but WANT to JOIN

You have a TEAM or

You don’t have a TEAM

They Vote 4 Global Change:
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