Case Studies

Liuzhou Forest City

Liuzhou Forest City will house 30 000 upon completion and host over a million plants of 100+ species. This city is a model for the future, as it leads the development of sustainable green cities.

« The Forest City project, presented for the first time at the COP 21 international conference in Paris in 2015, is a derivation of the broader theme of Urban Forestry, which has always ben the focus of Stefano Boeri Architetti’s research. The development of urban and architectural models of environmental regeneration, demineralization of the soil and increase of biodiversity has led to the conception of a new generation city, able to become a model of sustainable growth at a global level, starting from China. In fact, China is the world’s country with the highest rate of urbanization, with 14 million inhabitants migrating each year to cities. »


Wind Tree

«The local wind power for cities.

New World Wind develops innovative solutions combining high quality and reliability,technology and design, microelectricity and plurality of turbines. The Wind Tree is the first biomimetic wind turbine designed to exploit the smallest winds. It can be set up anywhere, as close to uses as possible, even in the heart of cities.
To produce 2,400 kWh with the Wind Tree is to avoid 3.2 tons of CO2 to produce the same amount of electricity with a fuel station.»

Carbon Control

«CARBON CONTROL™ was founded by a team that includes environmental researchers, academics and industry experts, passionate about the environment and concerned with how organisations are managing their environmental impact.

The CARBON CONTROL mark, as a trademarked consumer label, acts to alleviate the climate change problem. It guarantees that the organisations displaying the mark are meeting strict CO2 emissions reduction targets. These organisations are reducing green house gas emissions and working to prevent the most destructive effects of climate change.»