Case Studies

Sanitary Pad Dispenser

«Ari is a sanitary pad dispenser that utilizes technology to ensure sexual reproductive health products (access to sanitary pads as our pioneer product) to all adolescent girls categorized by WHO (World Health Organization) 10-19 years across Kenya.
It will improve lives by ensuring that all adolescent girls have better and private access to sanitary pads across the country within their academic institutions.This project is different than existing solutions because it penetrates previously closed markets where traditional distribution had no access in schools as well as eradicate human interference in the supply chain. Our machines also provide accountability and monitoring systems for sanitary pads. »


« Elevating Women Entrepreneurship Initiatives for Generating Sustainable Impact and Networks.

WINGS mission lies in making good woman entrepreneurship initiatives accessible EU wide, while bridging the gap with local and/or national WE initiatives.
Moreover, the project will stimulate female entrepreneurs, that converge in common goals in connecting, while offering them innovative learning and training tools.
The project’s aim is to create a strong, recognizable & sustainable EU-wide network & online platform for facilitating the access and share of existing learning and training offers to support women entrepreneurs. »

Gender Inequality Strike

« On October 24, 1975, Icelandic women collectively took a stand against gender inequality. 90% of the country’s women stopped work, domestic duties and taking care of the kids – bringing the tiny island nation to a standstill. It’s seen as a landmark moment in Iceland’s history – five years later they elected their first female President, and they’re now ranked the best country in the world to be a woman. »