Case Studies

People's Fridge

fridge in a market in south London is offering food for free in a bid to tackle waste.

«Anyone can come and use the fridge and we don’t judge people for doing so. If you see something in there that you like, come and use the fridge.
Ben got the idea from a fridge in Somerset, then crowd-funded the money. The fridge is filled by shops, restaurants or anyone that has food they can’t use.
It may be just a fridge, but it’s trying to tackle a big problem. Around one-third of all the food the world produces goes to waste. All the food is carefully logged.»

Infinited Fiber

How Infinited Fiber is turning textile waste to new and better cotton ready for your comfortable and sustainable fashion

«In fashion take-make-dispose mentality is the contemporary reality. This has made fashion one the heaviest burdens to our planet, our future. At the same time there simply isn’t enough cotton available and demand is growing. We need impactful solutions to save fashion & our planet, and we at Infinited Fiber are here to help.
We have created a miracle: a technology that allows textile waste to be used again and again, preserving 100% quality.»

TIPA Packaging

« It feels like plastic and looks like plastic.
There is just one difference: it’s fully compostable.

The good news about flexible packaging is that it uses less plastic. But 95% of flexible packaging can’t be recycled since it is made from several layers of materials.
TIPA’s technology solves this problem by providing high-quality packaging that is fully compostable, including laminates and labels.
After using TIPA’s packaging, consumers can dispose of them just like they dispose of food – into the food waste stream, or into their home compost bin.»